Commitment to Animal Welfare

We believe our guests care about how their food is sourced. Papa Murphy’s is committed to the health, welfare, and responsible raising and handling of animals in our supply chain by partnering with suppliers that hold the same shared values to animal welfare. 


While we do not directly engage in raising or processing animals, Papa Murphy’s is a purchaser of meat and dairy ingredients. As such, we believe it is our obligation to ensure that each of our suppliers meets or exceeds government regulations and standards pertaining to the humane treatment of animals. 


As part of our animal welfare standards, we are working closely with our suppliers to align with the Global Animal Partnership’s (GAP) – Better Chicken Project standards by 2024 for 100% of our chicken products, including:


• The sourcing of breeds proven to have better welfare outcomes,

• Reducing stocking density,

• Ensuring that all chickens sourced have an improved living environment, including litter, lighting, and enrichments, and 

• Process chickens more humanely through a multi-step-controlled atmosphere-processing system.


Today the poultry provided by our suppliers must be free from added hormones or steroids and is raised without antibiotics. Additionally, each year we ask our suppliers for documentation verifying third party animal welfare audits and established animal welfare statements. 


We are proud of the partnerships we have with our suppliers to meet our commitments to the humane treatment of animals. We know we cannot accomplish this alone and align with our suppliers, and the industry, to continue to move in a progressive and positive direction.