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Completely irresistible.
You know you want it.
Fresh dough. Fresh made. Fresh baked.
Now scratch-made magic is just 15 minutes away.

The first-ever FRESH Pan Pizza.

Every Fresh Pan Pizza starts with flour, water and yeast. These simple ingredients, combined by hand daily in each of our stores, are mixed and then left to proof for 12 hours in happy little dough balls. These dough balls are pressed into our pans and then topped with your favorite sauce, 100% whole-milk mozzarella, hand-sliced fresh veggies, and butcher-quality meats. There's so much freshness on this pizza, we decided to put it in the name.

Taste so irresistible, every pizza fan will fall in love.

Papa Murphy's is proud to introduce a thicker, buttery and completely irresistible way to home bake the perfect dinner. We've taken our fresh dough, added a light layer of buttery cooking oil, and placed it in an oven-ready pan. This combination, baked in a 425 degree oven for about 15 minutes, turns your regular home oven into a family improvement device…bringing everyone together for their new favorite pizza. It's definitely love…at 425 degrees.